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St. Raphael Football, Inc.

Celebrating 58 years 1963 – 2021

931 W. 75th Street, Suite 137-265, Naperville, IL  60565

 (630) 632-9244

We are very grateful to have such generous sponsors who believe in our youth football organization.  We could not provide our services without their continued support and we are extremely grateful.  We continue to be dedicated to providing our community with an amazing youth football program devoted to positive coaching and developing a love of the game in our players.  If you would like to sponsor our organization please complete the below and email the information to Heidi Sands at  Much, much thanks!

Thank you for your sponsorship!  St. Raphael Football is a not-for-profit organization that strives to ensure positive development of today’s youth through motivational coaching and mentoring.  Our directors, commissioners and head coaches are selected because these individuals possess the characteristics that St. Raphael Football values.  Football is more than game to us and we appreciate your continued support!

Check the appropriate sponsorship below.

_____ PROGRAM SPONSORSHIP - $5000.00


Division I would like to sponsor_________________________________________________.

_____ 1/2-DIVISION SPONSORSHIP - $1500.00

          Division I would like to sponsor_________________________________________________.

_____ TEAM SPONSORSHIP - $250.00

Team or player name I would like to sponsor_______________________________________.

_____ CUSTOM SPONSORSHIP, call 630-632-9244


Sponsor Name _________________________________________________________________

Contact Name__________________________________________________________________



City, State, Zip_________________________________________________________________


Email Address__________________________________________________________________


Indicate how you would like to be represented

_____ Same as above  

_____I have enclosed a business card

_____Please do NOT include any of the above information in any advertising, I request to be anonymous.